Road Safety for Secondary Schools

Hosting a Road Safety Week or Road Safety Event is a fun and educational way to promote road safety awareness and engage students as well as the greater school community.

The tools and supports in this package can be used by everyone from student councils, parent organizations and community educators to public health, recreation staff and youth group facilitators. This resource also links to lesson plans on topics such as driver distractions, impaired driving and ATV safety.

The goal of a Road Safety Day or Week is to help students develop the following:

  • Knowledge of the causes and consequences of road collisions involving driver distraction, drinking and speeding.
  • Behavioural skills necessary to survive on our roads and reinforcing the Healthy School approach.
  • An understanding of their own responsibilities for keeping themselves safe and healthy.
  • A responsible attitude to their own safety and to the safety of others.

When you start the planning process, also consider the existing programs and events in your community that can support your objectives. For example, the Sweet Life Road Show, a travelling event that engages young people in an interactive day of road safety education, or the P.A.R.T.Y. Program, designed to educate youth about the importance of road safety through real people’s stories of living with an injury.

Tools and Resources

Below are resources, activities and suggestions to help you create your road safety eventwhether it’s just one day of activities or a week-long event. For secondary school lesson plans click here.