Road Safety for Primary Schools

Keeping students safe on the road is a priority for everyone. One way that we can make sure students understand road safety is by hosting events that involve everyone, from community partners to parent-teacher councils to school staff and students. After all, road safety isn’t just the responsibility of one teacher, principal or parent/caregiver—the whole community has a part to play in ensuring students are knowledgeable and cautious pedestrians, passengers and cyclists.

The best time to organize a road safety event is at the beginning of the school year, or at the start of spring when it’s relatively warm and students are outdoors and near roads.

Goals of a road safety event

  • To raise awareness of road safety issues, including distractions, environmental hazards and risk-taking behaviour.
  • To promote behaviours that reinforce the Healthy Schools approach.
  • To inform students about their responsibility in keeping themselves safe and healthy.
  • To encourage students to have a responsible attitude towards their own safety and to the safety of their peers

Tools and Resources

This package provides a variety of materials, activities and suggestions to create a one-week (or one-day) road safety event. Simply select materials from the resources below that suit your event.

Bike Rodeo Resources

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