Drinking or driving?

Grades 9-12, Lesson 3: Drinking or driving?

Subject Area: Health and Physical Education

Time required: 75 minutes

Title: Drinking or driving?

Overall Expectations: HPE – Healthy Living Strand

Summary of Lesson:

Students’ will have a higher level of consciousness about drug and alcohol impaired driving and the threat to everyone’s safety. Students will critically examine attitudes and behaviours with respect to impaired driving.


Introduction/Minds On: (10 minutes)

Assess Your Knowledge


  • Ask students if there were there any surprises in terms of drinking and driving and given what they know, how does “knowing” versus “thinking you know” affect your actions?

Development/Action: (55 minutes)

Sue’s Story (20 minutes)

Looking at Both Sides, Critical Thinking (20 minutes)

  • Give each group some chart paper and a copy of Appendix 6: Sue’s Story, Graphic Organizer (Blank).
  • As a group, have students complete the graphic organizer. You can see a sample finished organizer in Appendix 7: Sue’s Story, Graphic Organizer.
  • As a group, have students consolidate their individual recordings for the “Reasons for Agreeing” section with a statement by referring to their individual It Says, I Say, So What template.
  • As a group, have students consolidate ideas for “Disagreeing with the Statement” section by referring to their individual It Says, I Say, So What template.

Stay and Stray (15 minutes)


  • Ask students:
    • Were there any surprises?
    • Were there any similarities?
  • Has there been a shift in your thinking about impaired driving? If so, how?

Extension Activity: Consolidating Learning

  • Play the MTO’s Road Stories to validate learning about alcohol, drugs and driving.
  • After playing the video clip, use a Call Out strategy, to ask students for two or three comments about the material presented in the video and how it affected their attitudes or behaviors to alcohol, drugs and driving.

Consolidation/Debrief: (10 minutes)