Secondary Lesson Plans

As driving comes into the picture for some students at this age, the topics in these lesson plans reflect the new experiences, situations and decisions that they might encounter and address the risks and mitigation strategies. Students will work both independently and in groups throughout the activities, with opportunities for them to share and expand their current knowledge and debate with their peers. They will also have an opportunity to learn about and discuss deterrence factors, as well as suggest new ways to encourage safe behavior through road signs.

If you are looking for more information on any of the topics covered for other classes in your school or in the community at large, take a look at the Community Engagement Kits .

Lesson One: Risky Behaviour and Prevention

Summary of Lesson: Students will learn which behaviours on the road are unsafe in relation to various methods of transportation. They will recognize the importance of road sign recognition and the need to be socially responsible.

Subject Area: Health and Physical Education

Time required: 75 minutes
Title: Risky Behaviour and Prevention

Overall Expectations: HPE – Healthy Living Strand  LL – Language and Literacy

Lesson Two: Innocent Till Proven Guilty

Summary of Lesson: Students will learn safety awareness for operating ATVs. Students will critically examine attitudes, behaviours and consequences with respect to riding ATVs.

Subject Area: Health and Physical Education

Time required: 75 minutes

Lesson Three: Drinking or driving?

Summary of Lesson: Students’ will have a higher level of consciousness about drug and alcohol impaired driving and the threat to everyone’s safety. Students will critically examine attitudes and behaviours with respect to impaired driving.

Subject Area: Health and Physical Education

Time required: 75 minutes

Overall Expectations: HPE – Healthy Living Strand

Lesson Four: What Price DWD?

Summary of Lesson: Students will identify factors leading to distracted driving and, using a critical literacy lens, question and challenge the attitudes, values and beliefs behind distracted driving actions. The critical literacy lens will also provide students with ways of thinking that uncover social inequalities and injustices and enable them to become agents of social change and healthy living.

Time required: 75 minutes

Overall Expectations: 

Understanding media texts: Demonstrate an understanding of a variety of media texts;

Speaking to communicate:Use speaking skills and strategies appropriately to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.

Lesson Five: Driving While Under the Influence

Summary of Lesson:  Through role playing and creative product design, students will learn to apply the I.D.E.A.L. decision making model to the context of driving while under the influence of drugs.

Subject Area: Substance Use and Addiction

Time Required: 70 minutes (with additional activities to follow)

Title: Drugged Driving

Overall Expectations: HPE – Healthy Living Strand, Living Skills