Bicycle Rodeo

A bicycle rodeo is a unique, hands-on, educational event in which participants learn about cycling techniques, obeying traffic signals, and the laws of road use. It is a great way for kids to learn how to ride safely and improve cycling skills. It also helps caregivers to feel confident with their child’s bicycle use.

The event is interactive and meets the expectations of both H&PE and other curricula. By educating the child and the caregiver, safe bicycle use around your community could become a sustainable source of transportation, exercise, and family fun. It also provides an excellent opportunity to engage community partners in an event that promotes the health and safety of all members of the school community.

A bicycle rodeo is comprised of several stages and stations of activities; it can be as elaborate as a large festival or as simple as a few activities with pylons in the school parking lot. The key to is to be flexible, knowing that all bike rodeo events can be modified to fit your setting (municipality, school community) and the age and ability of your students.

Whatever the scope of the rodeo, you always need volunteers, to ensure the safety of all participants and to assist with the planning and execution of each stage or station.


  • Raise awareness of road safety with a particular focus on safe cycling for the whole school community.
  • Promote behavior change related to bicycle use among students.
  • Promote the Healthy Schools approach by mobilizing the entire community around the issue of Road Safety.
  • Engage community partners on the issue of road safety.

Community Linkages

Ensuring students are safe in and around their school community is not the sole responsibility of one teacher, one principal, or one parent/caregiver. The entire community is responsible for ensuring students are safe, knowledgeable and cautious pedestrians, passengers and cyclists.

Community Involvement

Here are some tips/ideas on how to mobilize community members around a Bicycle Rodeo event. Remember to provide flexibility for differing levels of involvement.

  • Invite community businesses related to cycling to sponsor or facilitate an activity.
  • Engage the OPP, or community policing in the event. They may be ideal candidates to lead a station on cycling regulations, rules of the road or quick facts and stats on cycling-related crashes.
  • Public health units have an injury prevention mandate to promote both road safety and off-road safety with community partners.
  • The CAN-BIKE safe cycling skills program is the standard for bicycle education across Canada. CAN-BIKE courses teach riding and traffic analysis skills as well as collision avoidance techniques. They also provide the basics on safe equipment, and a basic bike inspection. CAN-BIKE has the tools and expertise to support some of the stations at your event.

Suggested Model

This section of the resource is a complete package, which offers a wide variety of resources, activities and suggestions in order to organize a Bicycle Rodeo. You may pick and choose among the resources below to assist you with your planning and implementation.



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