Let’s all do our part and teach our children and youth road safety.

This educational site is packed with learning tools and teaching aids that were developed based on the age of the students you’re teaching.

You can navigate the site by grade level or topic. There are lessons plans, posters, activities and games that can be used to engage children and youth.

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Road Safety for Ontario’s Youth

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Each grade-level section includes adaptation tips, lesson plans and community engagement kits, as well as teaching and learning strategies. Cross-curricular links to literacy, health and physical education and other subject areas have also been identified for each grade level, helping to integrate the concept of road safety in various other subject lessons.

Teaching materials

You’ll find everything you need to deliver a complete lesson including printable posters, grading rubrics and sample achievement charts. Think of the lesson plans as guides, and adapt them for your classroom. You can add your own activities to make learning more engaging, and don’t forget to check out the Community Engagement Toolkits  for school-wide event ideas.

Now let’s teach road safety

Road safety resource in action

Kindergarten to Grade 3

These lessons address passenger safety, school bus safety, pedestrian safety and safe practices around riding a bicycle. Students will identify pedestrian and road rules to be followed around the home, school and community.

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Grades 4 to 6

Through scenarios and group work, students will explore road safety rules to be followed through guided discussions as pedestrians, participants and passengers around the home, school and community.

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Grades 7 to 8

These lessons address safety recognition, unsafe behaviours related to roadways, distracted driving and ways to prevent future collisions. It includes teaching how we communicate in society, social practices, relationships, knowledge, language and culture.

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Grades 9 to 12

These lessons address road safety education and embed literacy instruction into curriculum delivery. Topics include alcohol- and drug-impaired driving, driving distractions, drowsy driving, aggressive driving, safe driving tips and information on ATV and snowmobile safety.

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You can search specific road safety topics to find the resource that you want to learn about or teach.

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Community Engagement Kits

Learning stretches beyond the classroom. These kits provide ideas, tools and resources to support events that teach and encourage road safety in your school and community.

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