Transportation and Safety

Grades 7-8 Lesson 2: Transportation and Safety

Subject Area: Road Safety
Time required: 60 minutes
Title: Transportation and Safety
Overall Expectations: HPE – Healthy Living Strand,  LL – Language and Literacy

Summary of Lesson:

Students will learn the safety issues related to transportation and why it is important to be safety aware.


• Oral/Comprehension: Listen in order to understand and respond appropriately in a variety of situations for a variety of purposes.

• Reading/Comprehension: Read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary, graphic, and informational texts, using a range of strategies to construct meaning.

Specific Expectations:

An understanding of risky behaviours related to road safety and how to avoid them.


Appendix 1: School Safety Zone

Appendix 2: Travelling Through Distractions

•Balls for half the students

•Blindfolds for half the students

•Audio player with music



Appendix 3: Rubric

Introduction/Minds On: (10 minutes)

•Distribute  Appendix 1 to students.

•Introduce the summary of the lesson and asks students to analyze the picture (Appendix 1) and identify the safety issues that they can see.

•Discuss with the students what safety concerns they identified and what concerns they may have missed

Development/Action: (35 minutes)

•Using Appendix 2: Travelling Through Distractions as a guide, conduct a game that simulates safety issues related to transportation.

•Alternate groups so that everyone has a chance to be on both sides.

Consolidation/Debrief: (15 minutes)

•Discuss how students were distracted when crossing the playing field.

•Link the activity to real life situations.

•Encourage students to think of safe behaviours or methods to avoid and reduce situations that represent a risk to themselves and others (for example, not listening to iPod while travelling on a bike).


Use Appendix 3: Rubric  to assess students.